What is a christening?

A christening is just the beginning of an exciting journey of faith. In choosing to have a child christened, parents are saying that their child is precious to them and precious to God. By simply being at the service you are supporting their decision to have their child baptized.

Vicar with boy


At the christening the parents and godparents will promise to support their child, talk to them about the big questions in life, pray for them and show them how to make good choices in life. They will also promise to help them learn about the Christian faith.
Everyone at the service will also be invited to promise to continue supporting the child on their journey of faith.

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Further information

  • Frequently asked questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about christenings. Or ask your own question if it hasn’t already been answered.

  • Christening gifts

    Friends and family, godparents and guests might want to buy something special for the christening. There are keepsake presents, religious gifts or gifts that make a difference. All of these can reflect the values that matter to you – values like kindness, generosity and thinking of others. There are a lot of ideas here, and some will help benefit other children through our special partnership with The Children’s Society.