How can I be involved in a christening?

Just being present at the service shows that you support the child and their family, but this page offers some other ways you can be involved.

Congregation in church

Just being present at the service shows that you support the child and their family in the choice they have made.

As part of the service, everyone will be asked to promise to continue supporting the child on their journey of faith. A wonderful way to do this is to keep praying for the child and their family. Visit our prayer pages to see the kinds of prayers you can use before and after the day.

You may also wish to give the child a christening gift.

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Further information

  • Discovering prayer

    Prayer is both simple and special, and is one of the things that everyone can do for the children in our lives. It might be lighting a candle or pausing for thought, or it could be something you discover together. Here are some ideas to help you pray with and for a child who is special to you.

  • Christening gifts

    Friends and family, godparents and guests might want to buy something special for the christening. There are keepsake presents, religious gifts or gifts that make a difference. All of these can reflect the values that matter to you – values like kindness, generosity and thinking of others. There are a lot of ideas here, and some will help benefit other children through our special partnership with The Children’s Society.