Do we have to have three godparents?

Yes, three is the minimum, unless it’s simply not possible to find three. Read on if that applies to you.

There should be at least three godparents at a christening – two who are the same sex as the child and one who is the opposite sex.

The Church of England laws about this will have been agreed long ago with the best interests of a child at heart.

But the laws also allow for the different circumstances of families, so if three really cannot be found, then two will suffice. Talk to your vicar if you’re struggling to find three godparents and they’d be pleased to advise you.


Further information

  • Can parents be godparents?

    In some situations, finding three baptized godparents can be difficult. It’s possible for parents to step in as godparents – this page explains what is required in this case.

  • The role of a godparent

    Godparents are really special. They are not just special on the day but special for a child’s life, even when they are grown-up themselves. It’s a life-long commitment which will involve special times and treats, but much more as well. Discover more about what it means to be a good godparent here.