How much does a christening service cost?

There is no charge for a christening service but there may be a few other things you’ll want to budget for…

The good news is that a christening service is free.

There may be costs for your family party afterwards, so you may need to budget for hire of a venue and refreshments.

You may also like to buy your child a christening gift, or christening robes, but these are not compulsory, (in fact, christening gowns that have been handed down through the family may have more meaning for you, as well as saving money).



Further information

  • Do parents have to be christened?

    Parents don’t have to be christened before they can have their child christened. Visit this page to learn more about the requirements for christenings.

  • Christening gifts

    Friends and family, godparents and guests might want to buy something special for the christening. There are keepsake presents, religious gifts or gifts that make a difference. All of these can reflect the values that matter to you – values like kindness, generosity and thinking of others. There are a lot of ideas here, and some will help benefit other children through our special partnership with The Children’s Society.