The godparents’ promises

During the Christening godparents say some very important things, making promises that will last a lifetime. It’s helpful to look at these before the day, so read on to find out more about these promises and how to discover more about what they mean.

Family at christening

In the christening service, you will make some big promises to support your godchild throughout their life. You could talk to your own vicar about what these promises mean, or join with your godchild’s parents when they explore what a christening means. If you’re wondering what these promises might look like in practice, or how you can begin, explore our links for some simple ideas.

These are the first things you’ll be asked in the christening service:-

  • “Will you pray for them, draw them by your example into the community of faith and walk with them in the way of Christ?”
  • “Will you care for them, and help them to take their place within the life and worship of Christ’s Church?”

To the questions above, the parents and godparents answer: “With the help of God we will”.

You will then be asked some questions which you answer on behalf of a child who is too young to answer for themselves:

  • You will be asked to turn away from all things that are against God – the wrong in our own lives and to stand against the wrong in the world.
  • You will then be asked to turn positively towards Jesus, the companion and guide for the amazing journey ahead.

These are all big questions and big promises, so you might like to take time to explore them for yourself. Help is always at hand for you:-

  • In the service itself, the vicar will pray for God to help you in your role as a godparent.
  • Wherever you live, the church will be there for you with help and advice about godparenting if ever you need it.
  • We’ll keep this website up to date with support and advice which you can visit at any time.

Further information

  • Discovering prayer

    Prayer is both simple and special, and is one of the things that everyone can do for the children in our lives. It might be lighting a candle or pausing for thought, or it could be something you discover together. Here are some ideas to help you pray with and for a child who is special to you.

  • Discovering the Bible

    If a christening is the start of an amazing journey, the Bible is an amazing book – a map for that journey. There is adventure and excitement, mystery and wonder. There are really well known stories – like Noah or the Christmas story – and new ones to discover.

  • Continuing the journey

    There are lots of ways to continue the amazing journey of faith as a family. It’s not just about special times, but about the ordinary times of wonder, love and joy – and the times when things go wrong. The candle given at the christening reminds us that a child shines as a light in the world – and also that God is always with us.

  • Is it possible to have godparents ‘by proxy’?

    It’s important to choose godparents who can be present at the christening service. Here’s an explanation of why that matters.