How do I find out if I am christened?

Not everyone is certain if they have been christened, but it should be possible to find out. This page explains how to trace a baptism record.

Every christening is recorded in the Baptism Register of the church where it took place.

Many christenings take place during infancy and often in the local church of the child. So a good place to begin searching for a baptism record is at the local parish church where you, (or the person whose record you’re looking for), lived as an infant. Try finding this church by searching on If you know the postcode of where you or the person lived, enter that into the search box and that should give you a more accurate result. The local church will be highlighted in red.

Click on the church’s name to see more details. The vicar or church office details should be given under the ‘contact us’ tab of each individual church.

Once you’re in touch with the church, you can ask them to do a search in their Baptism Register to try and find your baptism record. Provide as much information as you can, including the year the christening took place, if you know it. There is a statutory charge for a search in the Registers, which in 2018 is £29/hour. If a record is found, an official copy can be made, which costs £14.

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